Company Policy

Quality Policy:

  • We at Patson Auto assure quality of our products through precise knowledge and understanding of customer requirements.
  • Components as per customers requirements are planned and manufactured using systems and procedures which are adequately understood and followed by all concern and appropriately documented.
  • We believe in continual improvement in quality and consistency of our products which are necessary to enhance the customer satisfaction. Quality improvements are supported by appropriate investment in training, technology up-gradation and new machineries.
  • Quality improvement and customer satisfaction are the responsibilities of every employee of Patson Auto.

Quality Objectives:

  • To achieve zero customer returns.
  • To achieve 100% defect free production and processing of customer orders.
  • To achieve 100% compliance of deliveries on scheduled time.

Environment Policy:

  • Patson Auto accepts the responsibility towards environment protection.
  • We operate within local environmental legislation,
  • We are committed to improve our processes to prevent pollution and proper waste disposal management by reduction in consumption of
  • Natural Resources,
  • Power,
  • Water
  • Minimizing the use of Polluting Substances

Safety Policy:

  • Patson Auto accepts the complete responsibility of Health and safety of employees and visitors in our plant
  • We maintain this trough giving due considerations during the machine selection, process development and awareness in employees.  


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